Planning + Land Development

Scatliff + Miller + Murray has over 20 years of experience in innovative community planning. We help communities visualize their future and develop the strategies and tools required to turn that vision into reality.

Every place is unique, with its own challenges and opportunities. We work with clients on a planning process customized to local needs and engage clients, stakeholders and the public on the strategic goals and actions that will move each community towards its own vision for the future.

As a team, we are enthusiastic champions of new ideas. We thrive on collaboration with clients and other design professionals. Our strength in formulating planning and design principles, concept development and vision planning, setting the stage for new development and engaging local leaders in urban development ideas sets us apart and is at the heart of our success in delivering high-quality, value-added community planning and design for our clients.

We are often tasked to help our clients create a clear vision for developing their lands, whether the land is a large tract of urban or rural land, or a smaller parcel, public or private. We help determine where buildings, roads, and public places should go, and what type of character, lifestyle and sustainable practices they can aspire to. This compelling vision is then used to galvanize support at all levels as each idea advances from idea to reality.

SMM is dedicated to the delivery of quality projects that express a high degree of sustainability. Green Globes is a versatile program known for its relative simplicity and ease of application. We are familiar with its point based system and can provide or assist in the provision of the relevant information required to submit the project formally. With many parallels to other sustainability certification systems such as LEED, we are well positioned to deliver a design that meets or exceeds project expectations.

SMM has been chosen to develop the vision for such prominent neighborhoods as the Oaks, Assiniboine Landing, and emerging leaders in sustainability: Buffalo Plains at Fort Whyte Alive; and Railside at the Forks.