Vision Planning

The Scatliff + Miller + Murray (SMM) team is proficient in creating novel concepts, compelling visuals and progressive designs that are envisaged and realized through each stage of development. We are often tasked to help our clients create a clear vision for developing their lands, whether the land is a large tract of urban or rural land, or a smaller parcel, public or private. We help determine where buildings, roads, and public places should go, and what type of character, lifestyle and sustainable practices they can aspire to. This compelling vision is then used to galvanize support at all levels as each idea advances from idea to reality. Our embrace of sustainability, regional character and collaboration is evident in our many transformative projects.

SMM has served as a catalyst promoting change in both Winnipeg and Calgary, and most recently in Regina, acting as a liaison and purveyor of funding, collaboration and support among partnering groups, stakeholders and the general public. Our team is skilled at anticipating and assessing both the positive and negative implications of either pursuing or expanding a site or initiative. These findings then inform our recommendations and directly influence critical decisions.

Our sustainable outlook assumes a holistic approach, including environmental, economic and community-based approaches.

A strong environmental ethic runs through our day-to-day practice and projects. Our recent urban design and planning demonstrates, both to our clients and to governing bodies, the ways in which community form needs to evolve from the land, the climate, technology and respect for local culture. We must work with the community to adopt more environmentally responsible lifestyles. The economics of development must account for and prioritize economic feasibility in both the short and long term, as related to city building and to climatically responsive design.