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Disraeli Bridges Project

As a member of the Plenary Roads team, SMM set the overall project aesthetics, architecture and urban design direction, active transportation, public communication and engagement, 3D renderings and animation (complete with voice-over) for the Disraeli Bridges Project. SMM developed a strategy to transform and reuse a significant piece of existing infrastructure, the existing river bridge piers, from which to build a dedicated AT corridor.

At the time, the Disraeli Bridges Project was the largest bridge project in the history of the city. The planning ingenuity of the Plenary team allowed for uninterrupted traffic to flow over this critical connection throughout the construction period maintaining access from the city centre to the northeastern areas.

Multi-year public engagement included ongoing media reporting, biweekly and monthly updates, road detour and construction activity updates for residents, businesses and the public at large, two in-person events as well as developing, updating and maintaining an extensive stakeholder database for ongoing project communications.